How do i hook up my psp to the internet

I have a 2wire modem i can connect my computer to it wireless using a wireless card my ps3 is connected to it with an ethernet cable the psp detects the modem 100%, but everytime it tries to obtain the ip adress, it times out. Well the only way to get the psp to connect to the internet is through a wireless modem like the ones you get when you subscribe to high speed dsl connections, i think they are also available at bestbuy when you connect your psp to the computer using the usb cable the computer wont read your psp until you go to the usb. You can use the usb cable for the wireless controller to connect the psp™ system to the ps3™ system select [connect via private network] 4. I have recently bought a psp from japan, so all the instructions are in japaneses i want to know how to connect it to the internet without the wireless connections, i wanna use a usb cable. To connect the psp to a you can go to custom automatic do not use and disable the internet browser if you do not surf the internet using your psp.

Connect psp to internet there could be numbers of different reasons why you are unable to connect to the internet with your psp so let’s run down some basic. I want to connect my psp to the internet with a laptop usb adaptor. The people at eb game ssed i need a wireless routerdo i need one to conect my psp to ithe internet or will my laptops wireless connection/network work. Trying to use my cellphone hotspot is wpa2 psk but reads its not supported is there a way to make it work or all psp are the same in wi/fi connection i have psp3001.

I've written about this before, about how to connect your sony psp to the internet, but i think it's worth writing about again, detailing one of the most common questions people have with their sony psps: how to connect them to the internet. Your system needs a wireless network to connect to the internet all models can connect via a wi-fi network 3g/wi-fi models can also connect via a mobile network. Well i just got my psp off ebay and i started testing its features psp wont connect to my wireless network gamespot now: a new way to get your.

Learn how to connect psp street to desktop and laptop computer to play games in full screen you can connect psp to your computer and of internet devices. For playstation 4 on the playstation 4, a gamefaqs message board topic titled any way to connect psp to ps4. First you need to have dlink(wireless internet) then go to internet on your psp but first the wlan icon found on the top of your psp must be connected. For playstation portable on the psp, a gamefaqs answers question titled psp internet problem, help my psp will not connect to any internet unresolved.

How to connect your psp to the internet the first step to learning how to connect psp to the internet is to know your wireless router’s details. How do i connect my psp to the comcast internet.

I love my sony psp, but i cannot figure out how to get successfully connected to the internet i know it's a wifi system, i know i need to be able to see an access point, but i cannot get it all working.

  • How to set up remote play for your psp and ps3 search search the site go game select the one you use to connect your psp to the internet (do not select.
  • I try to connect to the internet on my psp but it wont connect so how do i do iti dont have wireless internet i have comcast and the modem has an.

How do you hook up the ps3 to the internet useing the ethernet cable apparently it has to go in a lan port, well my modem only has one lan port and its being used by my computer of course. I wanted to know how to connect my psp {slim and lite 3004} to internet connection and wht r the requirements and how much will the modem type of thing cost me and wht is d modem type of thing called and can i do a thing like in laptops a card is used to access internet connection so can i do d same with my psp thankx and plz. My psp won't connect to the internet anymore i was playing online on my psp yesterday until i noticed that it what i need to do to connect my psp for internet.

How do i hook up my psp to the internet
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